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Jesus is Everywhere.

We need a little help to see Him.

IseeJesus.com provides assistance to You and your Customers 
to see the Spirit all around us.

Our Artists will come to your Establishment to Pray for Creation. 
Through their Special Prayer Techniques, 
a Holy Visage will be invoked and made Visible for all to See!

What happens next is up to You.

DISCLAIMER:  We cannot be held responsible for the resulting huge number of people rushing to your business, house of worship, building, farm, restaurant, car lot, or retail outlet of any type to see the Holy Divination.

In celebration of our official Relaunch,
Please help yourself to this free Do-It-Yourself Project!

~ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!~
Thank you for visiting ISeeJesus.com. It is truly a Blessing.
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